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DIY Kraut vs. Store Bought

DIY Kraut vs. Store Bought

I suck at math and budgeting, but I can ferment like a rock star. It's a beautiful, sunny weekend in California and although it's very very tempting to be outdoors right now, I am crafting this blog to compare the value of homemade sauerkraut against buying it ready-made.  Basically, the tangible factor is, of course, cost and savings.  But there's also the intangible essence of creativity, satisfaction, and quality when you make your own lacto-fermented vegetables at home.
I like to ruminate on the intangible, but let's get the nitty-gritty part of dollars and savings out of the way first.
This morning, I walked to my local organic food market and purchased two live-culture sauerkrauts for nearly $10. I did it for your sake, so that we can sit down an do a price comparison and show you how much can be saved when you do it yourself!


In summary, if you made your own sauerkraut using organic ingredients, it would only cost less than $3 bucks for 32 ounces.  Whereas, a jar of organic store bought kraut costs almost twice as much for half the amount!

So, in conclusion, it is quite clear that you will save a lot of $$$$$$$$$ when you make these fermented superfoods yourself!

Happy DIYing,


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