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“At Sonoma Brinery, we are constantly doing small fermentation projects. As with home fermenting, doing small batches can present a real equipment challenge. We use the Kraut Source fermentation system because it provides an elegant, simple-to-use-solution to the tricky problems of pressing the fermenting vegetables down while creating a sealed, anaerobic environment necessary for successful fermentation. Not only will you find Kraut Source products in our R&D lab at work, you will also find them in my home kitchen. Highly recommended."

David Ehreth, Founder and President of Sonoma Brinery™

"Kraut Source is truly unique. It's definitely my go-to fermenting device. It's aesthetically pleasing, so you can have your ferments out in a visible place without them looking like mad science experiments."

Sean Timberlake, Punk Domestics

"My husband and I use anything and everything from our extensive home garden. Since Kraut Source has come into our home, we're eating fermented foods daily and feeling the results. My husband and I both feel more energetic, clear, more trimmed and less bloated, and generally more "clean" from the inside out! Quality/craft store-bought ferments are quite pricey, so the initial cost of purchasing the system has more than paid off. We're very happy with our investment!"

Deanna T, Instagram follower


Courtesy of Deanna T


"My family and I live an almost zero-waste lifestyle so making healthy food at home is a big part of our life. Kraut Source is a staple in our kitchen and the two units we have are in constant use and proudly displayed on our countertop. I’m so glad I’m now able to have fermented foods in my family’s diet every single day."

Elisa Sheehan, graphic designer, painter, and mom

"I wanted to learn more about the fermentation process and creating a healthier diet. I feel that the sealing process that Kraut Source provides really supports the fermentation process and the spring-loaded press allows for easy submersion of the food being fermented. Our family loves Kraut Source and all that it has done to change our diet."

Justin van Westen, Instagram follower

"Fermented foods have made a comeback in the mainstream marketplace recently. I've noticed that many of these "specialty" items carry a hefty price tag. With Kraut Source, I make my own ferments at a fraction of the cost with fresh, organic, and seasonal veggies from my local farmer’s market. Kraut Source makes fermentation accessible and approachable to both the novice and accomplished cook."

Karen Pavone, blogger/photographer of Farminista's Feast


 Courtesy of Farminista's Feast


"Kraut Source is sturdy, durable, and not made of plastic that bends and cracks over time. My primary use is for the fermentation classes I teach. I want every student who leaves my class to be set up for fermentation success. Students are excited to get such a beautiful piece of equipment. No one ever has any issues with their ferments!"

Stacey Clinesmith, Your Beeting Heart

"We've been following Kraut Source since the crowdfunding days. We have three Kraut Sources at home because we can tear through a lot of kraut in a couple days. We also love the minimalist, recycled, and conscientious packaging. We look forward to sharing Kraut Source with all Canadians!"

Dani Smythe, owner of Crop Food Growing Revolution


 Courtesy of Dani Smythe


"I loved the idea of being able to make kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, and other fermented foods in small batches at home. I love how easy Kraut Source is to use, and how you can make smaller or bigger batches just by varying your jar size. It takes the risk out of fermenting foods, but retains all of the health benefits."

Rik Panganiban, self-proclaimed kimchi addict

"As a culinary nutritionist in Toronto and author of Fermenting for Dummies, I had to get a Kraut Source. I love red cabbage for a beautiful purple kraut that I can put on anything!"

Marni Wasserman, Culinary Nutritionist

"I love the efficient spring-loaded weight, elegant design, and the low profile. But my favorite part has to be the little tink sound the unit makes as CO2 escapes--not only is it adorable, it also tells me my ferment is active. I now have FOUR for making sauerkraut, curtido, kimchi, and new pickles!"

Nicole Novak, Instagram follower


Courtesy of Nicole Novak


"Fuss-free fermenting! Won't need to worry about molding or messing up. Stainless steel is solid quality and the plantable insert is creative and sustainable packaging. Most genius idea ever!"

Hailey Zhou, UC Berkeley student and the Pickle Princess Kombucha Kween

"I've always loved cooking healthy food and experimenting with new ideas. Some friends gave me samples of their sauerkraut they made using Kraut Source. I never liked sauerkraut before but this was so good. Everything was colorful and delicious!"

Debbie Harald, creative cook