Kraut Source & Recipe Book Bundle

Get Kraut Source and Recipe Book together and save!

Kraut Source:

  • 1 stainless steel unit with 1 FDA food-grade silicone gasket attached
  • 1 replacement FDA food-grade silicone gasket 
  • Instruction manual
  • Compostable packaging box

NOTE: A mason jar is not included with this product.

Watch the tutorial videos below on how to assemble Kraut Source and the silicone gasket.

Recipe Book:

In this beautifully photographed companion recipe book you'll learn how effortless it is to make a small batch of healthy fermented superfoods in a mason jar using Kraut Source.

You'll find 26 recipes including:

Classic Sauerkraut
Real Pickles
Sweet & Hot Peppers with Garlic Chive Flowers
Mango & Tomato Salsa

...and so much more!

Ships within 5-7 business days of ordering by the US Postal Service from Northern California USA.

How to assemble Kraut Source:

Silicone gasket: