Karen Diggs, Chief Fermentation Officer

Karen is a classically trained chef, certified nutritionist, culinary instructor, and author of Happy Foods: Over 100 Mood-Boosting Recipes. She studied at the California Culinary Academy (now Le Cordon Bleu San Francisco). After graduation, she worked for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong and also helped to open restaurants there. Seven years later, Karen returned to the San Francisco Bay Area with her new culinary skills, ready for a shift from the crazy restaurant world. That’s when she found Bauman College, and enrolled to gain her certification in holistic nutrition.

Thanks to her time at Bauman, Karen got hooked on fermenting and became fascinated with traditional fermentation crocks. It was her fascination with the simple but elegant crock design, combined with her work as a nutritionist encouraging her clients to ferment their own foods, that eventually led her to an innovative idea. One day in the shower, Karen realized she could shrink the large crock-moat system and adapt it to fit on top of a wide-mouth mason jar. And that’s exactly what she has done with Kraut Source.

Karen is also a member of the National Association of Nutritional Professionals.

Fermented food that describes Karen the best: 
Jun. Because she loves that it’s made from honey and it’s gentler than kombucha.


Linda Liang, Operations Director

Linda is a graduate of the Natural Chef program at Bauman College in Berkeley, California, where she was a student of Karen Diggs. A native of Taiwan, she grew up among the bustling sights and smells of the island nation's "wet" markets and delectable street food. After a decade-plus long career in nonprofit marketing, Linda decided to pursue her goal of bringing fresh, seasonal, and healthful foods into the kitchens of Bay Area families. But she won't turn down the occasional serving of her favorite foods: noodles, dumplings, and ice cream. 

Fermented food that describes Linda the best: 
Chocolate. Because she’s part sweet, part astringent, but melts all the same when warmed up.


Debbie Sultan, Social Media Guru

Debbie Sultan has worked in offline and online marketing for food businesses. As a freelance marketing director, she created and managed promotions, advertising, and PR for many San Francisco Bay Area retail companies. In 2013, this baby-boomer co-founded Food Guru with her millennial daughter, Ariel Sultan. At Food Guru, Debbie heads the social marketing department for clients like Kraut Source.

Fermented food that describes Debbie the best:
Carrots with ginger, jalapeños, and dill. Because when she eats it she feels like the energizer bunny--she just keeps going and going and going! 


Ariel Sultan, Photographer & Video Production Guru

Ariel Sultan graduated from New York University with a Film & TV degree. As a co-founder of Food Guru, Ariel specializes in video production, photography, and marketing for food companies. She has produced all the videos on the Kraut Source website and YouTube channel, including the video for the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and web-series. Many of the food and event photos are shot from Ariel’s camera. In addition, she is the co-producer for the independent feature documentary, Greywater, projected for release in 2017.

Together, Ariel and Debbie work collaboratively with the rest of the Kraut Source team to create visual content, manage online promotions, customer service, PR, and act as a liaison with the Kraut Source community. They enthusiastically share their experiences and probiotic passions at events and festivals.

Fermented food that describes Ariel the best:
Kimchi. Because just like her, it's a classic. And it's great with meals throughout the day.


Hovin Wang, Designer & Web Administrator

Born in Los Angeles, raised in Singapore, and now residing in San Francisco, Hovin received a BA in Graphic Design from the Art Center College of Design in 2005 and have since worked for clients around the globe.

Fermented food that describes Hovin the best:
Beer. Because his astounding range of talents echos the wide array of beer flavors out there.