To be honest, I've never liked Bloody Marys because I don't like Tobasco., and processed tomato juice. (My apologies to all those out there who are fans of the red hot sauce from Louisianna, and V8. )  I do like kimchi and I am crazy about concocting cocktails using the brine from fermented foods, so I donned my mixologist hat this morning and got rather creative... The happy result is the following libation.  Cheers!


sea salt for rimming the glass (place salt in a small dish)
a wedge of lime
4 ounces tomato juice
(I used my homemadeFermented Spicy Ketchup.
Knudsen's Organic Tomato Juice is a good substitute)
2 ounces vodka
3 Tablespoons kimchi brine
2 teaspoons horseradish sauce
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
(I used a barrel-aged one from
2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
1 stalk celery, as garnish
1 lime wedge, as garnish

Fresh ground pepper: two turns on the grinder

1. Rub a trail of lime juice on the rim of a high-ball style glass with the lime wedge, then coat the rim with sea salt.
   Add in a few cubes of ice.
2. Fill a cocktail shaker with several cubes of ice.
3. Place the rest of the liquid ingredients into the shaker.  Place cap on and shake up and down (the shaker, not you) about 10 times.
4. Pour the contents into your prepared glass.
5. Garnish with the celery stalk and lime wedge.
6. Salut!  Drink.

Happy Concocting and Fermenting,