Knife Skills 101

with Chef Karen Diggs

Learning how to use a knife properly in the kitchen is similar to learning how to write the alphabet. Once you have mastered the basic technique, the possibilities are endless. Just as stringing letters together in a cohesive way has enabled literary masterpieces; cutting ingredients with skill and precision will elevate a dish into edible art.

Anatomy of a knife + types of knives

How to handle a knife and safety

Instructor demos:

  • Classic French cuts:
  • brunoise,
  • julienne,
  • bâtonnet,
  • chiffonade,
  • supreme of oranges
  • How to cut onion/ garlic
  • Simple decorative cuts

Students will have the opportunity to practice the cuts following the instructor demo, along with practicing chiffonade of kale. The kale will be used, along with the supreme of oranges to make a salad for students to enjoy at the end of class, along with the fresh, roasted vegetables.

Price: $65.00
Register at:

450 West Spain St
Sonoma, CA 95476
United States

Map and Directions